Director Professor Dr. Rudolf Nikolic


                                                    Doctor of Criminal Justice



Primary and grammar school finished in Belgrade.

Studied Aeronautical Engineering and graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer at 1984.


As of 1984 , Rudolf Nikolic has been working as a Government employee at Ministry of Transport , Air Traffic Control and was appointed as a Chief of section of Flight Authorization Department which has purpose to care of safety of airspace.


During this period as a Government employee , Rudolf Nikolic has finished internal school for Instructors at Government employees.



Left Government Service at 1999 by his own request.


Rudolf Nikolic voluntary worked for International Police Commission -Australia Command as a Liutenant General and Head of Intelligence & Security Department.

Retired under own request after years of working and experience at Intelligence / Investigation work.

Retired at the rank of Brigadier General.


Rudolf Nikolic is certified as a bodyguard Instructor. 


Rudolf Nikolic does have waste experience in Martial arts moreover He is licenced Instructor.


Rudolf Nikolic is a Doctor of Human Rights Science.


Rudolf Nikolic fluently speak , understand and write an English language.


Rudolf Nikolic is a member of American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations and Director of Intelligence of American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations.

Professor Doctor of Criminal Justice at American University.